Just a reminder that the Summer Leadership Camp website is updated with
information for summer 2016!

   - Website: <>
   - Facebook:
   - Twitter: @gasummercamp <>

Now is the time to recruit students!

*A few reminders:*

*Please take note of the dates that registration opens:*

   - Registration Opens: Tuesday March 1, 2016 at 7:00 AM
   - Large County Registration Opens: Monday Feb 29, 2016 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

*Please note the changes in rates and dates: Direct Link


*Early Registration Student & Advisor**
*Post-deadline Registration*
*Advisor Children*
*Deposit per Student *
*(required for students only)*
Week 1
May 23-27
Week 2
May 30-June 3
Week 3
June 6-10
Week 4
June 13-17
Week 5
June 20-24
Week 6
June 27-July 1

*Check "What's New" to get updated on some the important changes for this
year. Here are some highlights:*

   - We added another week of camp! We now offer 6 weeks to help
   accommodate the growth in numbers. Hopefully it will help keep weeks from
   reaching capacity as fast.
   - We increased the price of camp. The deposit is still 1/2 of camp cost.
   Our goal is to keep SLC the most affordable camp possible, but we needed to
   increase the price to break even financially.
   - To help promote the early week and the late week we have a discounted
   prices for those weeks. Note that weeks 1 and 6 have lower price and lower
   - We made some changes for Advisor Children. Children age 3 and under
   are free. Children age 5 and over cannot stay in the cabin of the opposite
   - We closed a registration loophole. You are required to send a deposit
   for the exact number of people that you register online. We will invoice
   chapters if they do not send the correct deposit. We were having issues
   with chapters inflating their online registration and causing weeks to
   reach capacity, then they would send a smaller deposit.
   - We are not doing the mud obstacle course on Thursday this year. We
   will have the mud run on Tuesday and will have a different competition on
   Thursday. We plan to rotate the mud obstacle course with a new competition
   each year. We plan to rotate the mud run as well so we will only have one
   mud event each year.
   - We will offer a shorter distance for the mud run.
   - Dr. Al Snyder will return to perform a hypnotist show.
   - We added a step-by-step procedure
   help you better prepare for the check-in process.

Russel Towns
Camp Manager

Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center
720 FFA FHA Camp Road
Covington, GA 30014
Office: 770-786-6926 ext 4
Fax: 770-786-1774
Email: [log in to unmask]

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