Mrs. Trish Lastly sent this out, but I didn't want anyone who assumed it
was only Horticulture to miss out on this opportunity!


Here is a list of PLU classes that are coming your way this spring/summer.
Mark your calendars and plan your summers accordingly! All of these classes
are ONE day classes and will not take up much of your time! And hey you get
to spend the whole day with yours truly!

*Training a State Officer Candidate:*
*March 7th at ABAC (NOTE: the CTAERN date of 3/8/16 is incorrect)*
*Taught by Andy Paul and Trisha Lastly*
This workshop is open to the agriculture teachers that will currently or in
the near future have a State FFA Officer Candidate running from their
school. This workshop is designed to teach agriculture teachers the
leadership skills, communications skills and study habits needed to train a
student to be a prepared officer candidate. These skills could also be used
in your local chapters in training your students for local office and area
office as well.

*Floriculture CDE the "Ends" and Outs*
*June 9th at ABAC*
*Taught by Mike Tanner and Trisha Lastly*
The Floriculture CDE workshop will teach agriculture teachers to teacher
their students the four parts of the floriculture career development event;
problem solving, plant and disorder identification and horticulture
industry knowledge for the exam. This workshop will include all the plants
off the current ID list. This workshop will also enhance agriculture
teachers that are teaching floriculture standards in the classroom. This
workshop would be great for those that have never done the contest and for
those whom have succeed many times.

*Greenhouse Management 101:*
*June 10th at Terrell County High School*
*Taught by Jimmy Felton, Vincent Cutts and Trisha Lastly*
This workshop is to help agriculture teachers manage their school
greenhouse. During this workshop teachers will learn the functions of the
greenhouse, parts of the greenhouse and how they are used, how to select
plants and manage pests. This would be a great refresher and great
knowledge for beginners.

Thank you for wanting to always learn more to better your students!

Ricky Wheeler
Area Animal Science Teacher
Central Region - Agricultural Education
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