HAPPY WEDNESDAY my Nursery Landscape* LOVERS!*

Below is the link for you to register your team for the Albany Tech Nursery
Landscape practice contest. This opportunity is great to fill the need
within your plant nerd students* (hey and maybe to tap into those that
don't know that they are plant nerds yet!)*. This contest is NOT a CDE, but
a great way to teach your students what it feels like to go through a feel
of the contest. Please register no later than February 9th. Albany Tech
will provide food and will need a head count.

Where: Albany Tech
When: Feb 16th
Start Time: 4 pm
End Time: 7 ish
What to bring: clipboards, pencils, basic calculators, warm clothes *(things
you would normally bring to CDEs)*


Thank you teachers for offering your students as many opportunities to
learn and become better!

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *