Good morning my hard working South Region Agriculture Teachers!

Let's talk Creed:

1. When you arrive at the contest please sign in and check the student name
on the registration sheet.

2. If you have a change in student PLEASE bring their FFA ID Number from
your roster.

3. At each Sub Area there will be two rooms (brackets if you will) of FFA
Creed speakers. The room assignments are attached and will not change for
this year. This year we sorted them alphabetical by chapter name maybe next
year it will be different.

4. Speak in the order that you sign in at the registration desk.

5. The top two from each room will be announced at the end of the Sub Area
CDE and the TOP TWO from each room will move on to the Area Creed CDE in
February. *(This means there will be a total of eight students at the Area
CDE only TWO of which will move on to the State CDE from each area.) *

6. Please remember that each Creed Speaker will have 3 questions from the
judges after reciting the Creed.

7. Thank you notes will be provided for ALL speakers each night at both
locations. Please have your students take a quick minute to write a thank
you note after or before they speak and return to the Thank You Note box.
The South Region Office will mail these for you.

And as always please email, call or text with any questions!

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *