Happy TUESDAY to my proficiency working friends! 

Proficiency Sign Up LINK HERE

Some items to keep in mind:

1. Every school has not submitted. 

2. If you have a student working in a category and do not see it listed below that means that there is another school that has submitted that they INTEND to submit in that category. HOWEVER, they may not so please continue to work on your applications and submit by FEB 1st deadline and on this google doc.

3. On the flip side of #2 if you have submitted on this google doc that you INTEND to submit in a category, you could be the ONLY ONE in that category so if you do not submit then we could give that category away. 

Listed below are the categories that we the South Region still have open as of 1/19/16 (which means no one has submitted an intended student in that category thus far on the google doc):

Agricultural Processing - Entrepreneurship/Placement
Agricultural Sales - Entrepreneurship
Beef Production - Entrepreneurship
Beef Production - Placement
Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship
Dairy Production - Placement
Diversified Crop Production - Entrepreneurship
Forest Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement
Grain Production - Entrepreneurship
Grain Production - Placement
Nursery Operations - Entrepreneurship/Placement
Sheep Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement
Grain Production - Placement   
Grain Production - Entrepreneurship
Nursery Operations - Entrepreneurship/Placement
Sheep Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement
Veterinary Medicine - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Please complete the form on the link provided above for each proficiency application that you intend to submit to the South Region office for the current school year.

Please complete each box in the google document and submit to our office by Monday, February 1, 2016.  Actual applications are due in the South Region Office by February 1st.  No late applications will be accepted.  This is a due by, not a post mark deadline.

We will use this google document to check off your standard for turning in a proficiency application.

If you send your application in electronically. It must be one email and in a pdf format. If you have multiple proficiency application you will have multiple emails. EACH APPLICATION NEEDS ITS OWN EMAIL. 

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You must complete one of these forms for each application / student you intend to submit via the link below through the google doc forms.  Please contact the South Region Office if you have questions or concerns. 

You must click SUBMIT at the bottom of the link for your entry to be recorded.

Thank you for your submissions and please call on us anytime for help! 
Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher