Just a reminder that Area 3 Sub Area Leadership event registration closes TODAY, FEB 22nd at 11:00pm. 
MANUSCRIPTS ARE ALSO DUE TODAY for the junior and senior prepared public speaking CDE.  Manuscripts should be emailed to applications-centralregion@gaaged.org


Below is a list of school that are already registered 

Upson Lee Sub Area Registration: 
Creed Speaking - 20 Participants 
Bonaire Middle, Crawford High, Crawford Middle, Dutchtown, Harris Co, Heard County, Jasper Co, LaGrange, Luella, Manchester, Marion, Mary Persons, Monroe Middle, Ola, Pike High, Pike Middle, Schley Co, Troup Co, Upson High, Upson Middle 

Junior Prepared Public Speaking - 5 Participants 
Dutchtown, Ola Middle, Pike High, Pike Middle, Upson Lee MIddle 

Senior Prepared Public Speaking - 14 Participants 
Crawford, Dutchtown, Jasper, LaGrange, Locust Grove, Manchester, Marion Co, Mary Persons, Ola, Pike High, Putnam Co, Taylor County, Troup County, Woodland 

Extemp Speaking - 13 Participants  
Crawford Co, Dutchtown, Haris Co, Heard Co, Locust Grove, Luella, Manchester, Marion Co, Ola, Pike High, Schley Co, Troup County, Woodland 

Northeast Bibb Sub Area Registration 
Creed Speaking - 18 Participants
Baldwin, Bleckley Co, Dodge High, Dodge Middle, Dooly Co, Houston Co, Huntington, Jackson, Jones Co, Macon Co, Northeast Bibb, Northside High, Northside Middle, Perry High, Rutland, Stockbridge, Thomson Middle, Veterans 

Junior Prepared Public Speaking - 10 Participants 
Bleckley Co, Dodge Middle, Houston Co, Jackson, Jones Co, Northside, Peach Co, Perry High, Veterans, Warner Robins 

Senior Prepared Public Speaking - 11 Participants 
Bleckley, Houston, Jones Co, Northeast Bibb, Northside, Peach Co, Perry High, Piedmont Academy, Rutland, Stockbridge, Veterans 

Extemp Speaking - 8 Participants 
Bleckley Co, Houston Co, Jones Co, Northside, Peach Co, Perry High, Warner Robins, Veterans 

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Subject: Registration is open for Area 3 SubArea Leadership Events
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Registration is open for all Area 3 SubArea Leadership Events:
Junior Prepared Public Speaking
Senior Prepared Public Speaking
FFA Creed
Extemporaneous Public Speaking

Guidelines for each event can be found at - http://www.gaaged.org/page.aspx?ID=61

Tuesday, March 8th at Upson Lee High School in Thomason with Melissa Riley 
Thursday, March 10th at Northeast Bibb High School in Macon with Kevin Jump 
Please register for the location your school normally attends so our numbers will be as even as possible.  
For both Sub Areas:
Resgistration will start at 4 PM and CDE's at 4:30.

Each school is allowed 1 student per event. 
FFA Creed and Junior Prepared Public Speaking are open to middle school and 9th grade students.
Senior Prepared Public Speaking and Extemporaneous Public Speaking are open to students in grades 9-12.

Tshirts are available for this event and must be ordered online with event registration.  
Tshirt Design is attached.  
Invoices are available on the Georgia AgEd Website by clicking on account balances and then selecting the region balance tab in the upper right corner of the screen.
You can then download a PDF invoice to turn in to your book keeper.

*The deadline is MONDAY, Feb 22, 2016 by 11:00pm.
*All students must be pre-registered for adequate materials to be prepared.
> To register for the CDE.
> Go to the AG. Ed. Website and log in.
> Click on Event Registration.
> Click on Sub Area you would like to register for
> Click on the edit for each event that your are registering.
> Click on edit for the T-shirts that you order. It will make an invoice for your T-shirts.
> It has opened to register your teams and closes on 2/22/16 at 11:00 p.m.

CDE Dress
 *It is recommended that students wear official dress for speaking events.  Please make sure you have enough scarfs/ ties for all your students competing. 

Prepared Public Speaking Manuscripts
Junior and Senior Public Speaking Manuscripts are due on Monday, Feb 22nd.  
Manuscripts should be emailed to applications-centralregion@gaaged.org
or mailed to the region office, address is below. 
** All applications must include a copy of the Statement of Certification that Ricky passed out at Mid-Winter.


Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067
cell - 478-973-4071
fax - 478-825-6980