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*Workshop Title: School Garden Teacher Training*

*Date: July 7*

*Location: Athens, GA – UGArden Student Farm*

*Workshop Code: CTAERN4483*

Description: Do you want to start a school garden? Or, do you have one that
is not meeting your expectations. You’ll come away with the knowledge to
create a thriving garden as well as lesson plans to connect to classroom
standards. This one day training will give teachers resources in many areas:

Attain basic garden skills like building soil and managing pests

Learn what plants work with the school calendar

Discover how to use the garden to create effective lesson plans

Here’s a link to a video promoting the class!

You must register for the class through the UGA Center for Urban Ag. Click
here to do so <>. There will be a cost of $30 for
materials. We will meet from 8:00 – 2:00 with lunch being provided for you.
The training includes 5 hours of online education and learning experiments
to be completed at home. Once you have completed the online portion and
attend the training in Athens, you will receive 1 PLU recommendation.

Training is limited to 30 teachers! Sign up now!

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