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Date: Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 11:04 AM
Subject: Ga. Jr. National Swine Show PEN ASSIGNMENTS -- IMPORTANT
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Please find attached the pen assignments for all pigs for the Jr. National Swine Show.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL/EMAIL/TEXT ASKING FOR MORE PENS ---- THERE ARE NONE!!!!.  I have also attached the barn layouts.  SS1 is sheep/swine 1, commonly known as the upper barn or the old barn or the west barn.  SS2 is sheep/swine 2, commonly known as the lower barn or the new barn or the east barn.  Please use only those pens that have been assigned to your group. In some cases, pigs may have to be penned 3 pigs to a pen.  Please bring dividers.  Space is going to be very tight.  As you arrive on the Fairgrounds please be aware of the following.


1.       Gates will open at 7:00 AM, scales will open at 8:00 and close at 5:00. 

2.       Please do not unload any animals until you have been told to do so by a health inspector.  They will be checking health papers and matching papers to pigs.  Please have health papers ready.

3.       Please unload as efficiently as possible. 

4.       Once you have unloaded you pigs, please move your trailer immediately so that someone else can unload.  Please pull off to the side to unload tack and feed. 

5.       Please remember people are waiting on you to move your trailer, please do not stop and talk until your trailer is parked in the designated area.


I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday.




C. Robert Dove

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator and Swine Extension Specialist

Department of Animal and Dairy Science

248 Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science

University of Georgia

425 River Road

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Tommy Waldrop
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