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Date: Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 8:58 PM
Subject: Avian Adventures
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Good evening guys,


I have attached the information on the 2016 Avian Adventures which will be held on April 8-10.  The application is also accessible on our website. As in the past this is targeting rising sophomores through seniors.  They students will be involved in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, microbiology and management sessions.  The goal is to for students interested in a poultry science degree to learn more about what they would learn and the career opportunities it would provide.  At the same time if there is any apprehension about attending UGA, we hope that spending 2.5 days with us on campus might alleviate that concern.  The registration fee is $50.  We will cover the materials, room, food and any fees associated with extracurricular activities.  I hate I did not have this information with us last week, but this should work just as well if not better.


I would appreciate you getting this out to all the teachers.  If you or the teachers have any questions direct them to Katie Chapman ([log in to unmask]) or myself. 


Thanks in advance,


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