If you plan to submit a National Chapter Award Form I and/or Form II this year, please read this information carefully. The National Chapter Award application is an online application this year. Below are instructions on how to access and complete the National Chapter Award forms I & II. Attached is an instructions page with similar information.

•Login to
•On the National FFA website, login using your MyFFA login and then select “My Instructor Toolbox”
•Once in your Instructor Tool Box, you will six some blue tiles in the middle of your page, select the link for “Application Center”
•Follow the links to access the Application Center, which will look familiar if you have completed a proficiency award or American Degree application this year or last.
•Select National Chapter Award application from the application type dropdown box, then select add application
•A link to begin working on your National Chapter Award application will appear. Much like the Proficiency and American degree applications, the information for the NCA application is saved online in real time. Each time you login, you will have access to it, just like you have access to each proficiency and American degree application from your chapter.
•Each page of the application will appear by title in a menu on the left side.
•You can copy and paste text from Microsoft Word, or a previous Excel-based National Chapter Award application into the online text boxes. However, please be aware that this year the online NCA application will allow you to input infinite text, but not all of that text will show up when you print. When it comes time to download the application to Excel to print, be sure to check each essay answer to be sure that all of your text is included.
•While the application is in its online version, the program WILL NOT allow you to bold or underline text. Once you download to Excel, you can bold/underline text if you choose to.
•Photos for each activity should be uploaded prior to downloading to Excel for print.
•If you choose to download to Excel before finishing you application, you can do that…however, be aware that all of the changes you make once in Excel are not being saved in the online version. Later, or next year, when you go to open your online application, you will not be working from a finished product if the majority of the changes were completed after downloading to Excel.
•Once complete, you can upload to Excel, proof the document and print it.
•To officially submit your NCA application (Form I and II), print the file from Excel, get all necessary signatures and submit the hard copy to your Region office by April 1.

NOTE: Even though the finished products are both Excel documents, please DO NOT refresh your NCA application from last year’s old Excel file, as the version numbers will be different, and will likely cause your application to be disqualified. Each NCA application must be started through the online application center, generated to Excel then printed and signed.

Finally, as in year’s past, if you are going to take time to complete a National Chapter Award application, please make time to look at the scoring rubric that will be used to evaluate the application. A copy of the scoring rubric is attached. You can also find in on the National Chapter Award page on the national FFA website. Login to; login to your MyFFA account; select the Participate tab and then find the Awards and National Chapter Award links. One the NCA page, look at the vertical menu on the right side for scoring rubrics and tips.

If you have questions, please give me a call.

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