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Date: Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 9:54 AM
Subject: 2016 Ga. Jr. National Swine Show Penning Request -- IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
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Agents and Teachers,


Please read this entire email, it contains important information as to how to request pens for the Ga. Jr. National Swine show.  Failure to follow these directions will mean you may not have pens assigned to your group for the show.  As we have done for previous shows, we will be assigning pens for the Ga. Jr. Natl. Swine Show prior to the show.  I expect penning assignments to be posted to these same lists on Feb. 15.  The Agent or Teacher in charge of each group should be the one who enters the data into the Google Doc.  Parents or students should not be given the link and should not enter any information.   Entries are up this year so pen space will be tighter than in past years.  The deadline for entering information is 12:00 PM on February 12, 2106.


We have 2126 pigs entered in the show this year (up 153 pigs from last year) with 1910 (up 118 from last year) eligible to show (removing the 3rd pig for those that entered 3).  Based on the barn layouts that I have been sent (attached) we will have 852 pens.  The number of available pens is still subject to change. IF all 1910 pigs show up this means that we will average 2.25 pigs per pen.  Historically, 75-80% of the eligible pigs are weighed in at the show.  This means we can expect around 1425-1550 pigs in the barns.  With ~850 pens this means we should have plenty of pens, housing pigs 2 pigs/pen.  However, unless you tell me that pigs are not coming, I have no way of knowing the number of pigs each group is bringing and I have to assume they are all going to attend the show.  Please get an accurate count of the pigs that are coming to the show and include that on the form.  Every pen in the barns will be assigned, there will be no extra pens.  Please make sure that you bring pen dividers to separate the pigs in the pens if you so desire.


I have attached a PDF file that lists the number of pigs entered and the number of pigs eligible to show for each group within each county.  Please look this list over and make sure it is accurate.  If it is not accurate, then you will need to contact Dr. Silcox as there is a problem with your entries (my number match exactly with the entries on file).  The columns on the right side of that document represent the historical “attendance” rate for pigs from each group (2013-2015).  This was calculated by taking the number of pigs weighed (including outs) and dividing that by the number of pigs I was told were coming to the show.  I would like to thank those of you who have worked hard and provided me with accurate numbers.  For those groups that have averaged less than 65% over the last 3 years, your penning assignments may be adjusted to reflect your attendance rate.  If you are one of those groups with low attendance figure and there have been significant changes in your program (new teacher or agent or facilities or new group of exhibitors) please email and explain the situation and I will not hold the past against you.


Before you go to the Google Doc to enter the number of pigs you expect to bring to the show and to request barn and pen location in the barn, please do the following.


  1. Please check with your students and parents and see how the pigs are growing and if they are still planning on coming.  Please make sure that all pigs are of a weight that they have a realistic chance of making show weight.  Please leave all of your light and heavy pigs at home.  Please remember that each exhibitor can only bring two pigs to the show. 
  2. Please verify your entries with the on line data base and make sure they are correct and that everyone is included. Every year we have animals show up that somehow were not entered.  Please double check the sex of each pig.
  3. Please verify that you have submitted ear notches for all of the pigs that you have entered and that the ear notches have been read correctly.  Please make sure that the ear notches match the tag they were entered under.
  4. Please designate 1 person (agent or teacher) who will be responsible for inputting information for your group into the Google Doc.  If you have several groups penning together, please input the data for each individual group and then indicate that the groups want to be penned together.  It is important that I have numbers for each individual group.
  5. Please verify that all of your animals have been blood tested and that they all have health papers.  If they have not been blood tested, this needs to be done ASAP or they may not be able to get health papers in time for the show.  According to the State Vet’s office, health papers and blood tests for junior (4-H and FFA) show animals showing in 4-H or FFA sponsored shows are good for 4 months (unless the show states otherwise).
  6. Please enter your group’s information prior to 12:00 PM, February 12, 2015.  The link to the Google Doc is:


Please remember that it will be necessary to house pigs at least 2 per pen.  Please plan on bringing dividers so that you can separate the pigs if needed.  The pens in both barns are 6’ x 6’.  Also, please remember that tack must be stored above the pens.  Tack boxes are not allowed hanging out in the aisles.


Please remember that you are making barn and location requests. I will do my best to honor them, but not everyone can be penned in the 3 most popular rows in the lower barn.


Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you soon,




C. Robert Dove

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator and Swine Extension Specialist

Department of Animal and Dairy Science

248 Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science

University of Georgia

425 River Road

Athens, GA 30602


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Tommy Waldrop
Area Animal Science Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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