Good morning plant lovers! Please see message from Tim Lewis below:

*As usual, Lewis Farms Nursery has some extra plants available. These are
in very good condition and will need to be procured and planted soon for
best results. Please consider posting the attached list (with the 4 tabs)
to your listservs. I will work with each school individually to either hand
deliver or ship the plants ordered, with the understanding that the school
will be responsible for the cost of such delivery or shipping. Plant prices
are negotiable.*

*Many thanks,*


*Lewis Farms Nursery*

*830 Hwy 26 East*

*Elko, GA 31025*

*(478) 954-1507 <%28478%29%20954-1507>*

See attachment: Spring 2016 Extras
*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *