Good morning my future landscapers!

The *Area V* Nursery Landscape CDE will be held on *Tuesday, March 1st at
ABAC *in the *Ag Sciences Building.  *Team check in starts at 3:45pm in the
lobby and the CDE begins at 4:15pm.

The *Area VI* Nursery Landscape CDE will be held on *Thursday, March 3rd at
Ware County High School *near the Ag Department*.  *Team check in starts at
3:45pm and the CDE begins at 4:15pm.

*Deadline to register is February 23rd on the AG ED Website.*

*Contest Reminders:*
The Nursery Landscape CDE is a 4 person team event with only the top 3
scores counting.
See the attached CDE guideline sheet for the updated plant list and more
information on the contest.
Seniors have a 5 phase event and Juniors have a 2 phase event.
*Students and teachers will be allowed to review ID and disorders after all
students have competed.  *

*What to wear:*
This is a official CDE so Official Dress is encouraged. Matching chapter or
FFA t-shirts are excepted as well.

*Please remember to bring the following for each team member:*
#2 pencils
non programmable - *non scientific calculator*
magnifying glass (seniors only)
architect/engineer scale (seniors only)
ruler (seniors only)

*What to Study:*
Below is a link to the AG ED Website Study power points. *(please do not
ONLY study these, live plants are better) *

T-shirts are also available for this contest. Please see the attachment of
the t-shirt design. These shirts are $10 for sizes Small - XL and $12.00
for 2XL sizes and up. Please make checks out to South Region AG ED
Office.  T-shirt ordering deadline is also February 23rd on the AG ED
Website. Please note that even though the website states REGION BALANCE
$0.00 you still owe for your shirts ordered. The system does not recognize
your shirt orders from the region level at this point.

Junior and Senior Guidelines
T-shirt Proof

Thank you for providing this opportunity to your students. Please let me
know if I can do anything to help you and your students!

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *