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From: Trisha Lastly <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Friday, February 26, 2016
Subject: 2016 South Region Proficiency Application Results
To: Ira Tucker <[log in to unmask]>

Good afternoon all of you proficient at patiently waiting agriculture teachers out there! 

Thank you! Thank you to each and everyone of you that worked with your students on getting these proficiency applications filled out and turned in on time. I know you have been waiting for this news of the results but there are a few more items that you need to know:

First thank you to all the agriculture teachers, UGA Tifton and ABAC students that came and evaluated the applications. They worked ALL DAY and read a TON of applications and did not go too crazy! 

Second this year was a record high for YOU South Region! There were 132 Proficiency Applicationsturned in to the office and all were evaluated. WOW! 132!!!

WE the South Region only had two categories that did not have students applications submitted and WE the South Region was able to send in SIX of OUR students in second place to continue their journey with their SAE and be evaluated to be a state finalist because the other region(s) were missing those categories! Thank you for getting almost ALL of our holes filled with OUR STUDENTS! 

Next please know that if you are a first place application that the process starts all over again on the state level. With that said when you receive the applications back please make the changes needed to make that application better. Someone in our office has taken the time to go through the application and give you and your students feedback. The judges the day the applications were evaluated also took time to write down feedback as well. PLEASE take the time to make the corrections! Even if your student places second and then named a STATE FINALIST they could still win the category! Make the changes! 

The goal is 20! WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER TO WIN 20!

Last please note the informational timeline below from here on out: 

March 1st / March 3rd- Hand back ONLY STATE FINALIST at CDEs. If you are not planning on attending the Area CDEs you can make a trip to see us (the coolest people ever) or you can have someone that is close to you pick yours up!

March 1st/3rd - March 15th- WORK AS HARD AS YOU CAN to make the changes needed to WIN! 

March 15th- Turn in FINAL COPY of Applications at one of the following locations: Area 6 Welding Contest, FFD, bring to Office at ABAC. These MUST be turned back in by March 15th because we have to turn the applications into the State Office. 

Now if you are not a 1st place application or a state finalist you will receive your applications back at the Area Banquets (these applications will also have feeback on them for you to make changes to WIN next year).

Congratulations to all of you no matter the ranking/placings! Because of you these students were able to have a great high quality opportunity to showcase their SAEs. 

Please call, email or call on us to help you in anyway! 


Trisha Rae Lastly 

South Region Agriculture Education 

Area Horticulture Teacher 

Ira Tucker

South Region Director
South Region Agriculture Education
2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, Ga. 31793
229-386-3428 office
229-425-7619 cell