What a great day for the hard work of YOU and YOUR STUDENTS!

All state finalist applications will be judged again so the process starts
all over again on the state level. With that said when you receive the
applications back please *make the changes needed to make that application
better.* Someone in our office has taken the time to go through the
application and give you and your students feedback. The judges the day the
applications were evaluated also took time to write down feedback as well.
PLEASE take the time to make the corrections! Even if your student did not
place 1st on the region level and then was named a STATE FINALIST *they
could still win the category*! Make the changes!

The goal is 20! *WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER TO WIN 20!*

Last please note the informational timeline below from here on out:

*March 1st / March 3rd- *Hand back ONLY STATE FINALIST at CDEs. If you are
not planning on attending the Area CDEs you can make a trip to see us (the
coolest people ever) or you can have someone that is close to you pick
yours up.

*March 1st/3rd - March 15th-* WORK AS HARD AS YOU CAN to make the changes
needed to WIN! Ask questions of our office to make your applications
better. We are here to help you and your students.

*March 15th-* Turn in FINAL COPY of Applications at one of the following
locations: Area 6 Welding Contest, FFD, bring to Office at ABAC.* These
MUST be turned back in by March 15th because we have to turn the
applications into the State Office. *

*April 5th-* South Region Dry Run - for all who are competing at the State
FFA Convention. Mock Proficiency interviews will be held at ABAC on April
5th for proficiency state finalist, star finalist (yet to be named),
speaking CDE finalist etc. For students competing with their proficiency -
Students will need to have their one minute opening statement and be in OD
(official dress) for the practice. We will send more information about this
event soon to schedule times.

Now if you are not a 1st place application or a state finalist you will
receive your applications back at the Area Banquets (these applications
will also have feeback on them for you to make changes to WIN next year).

Congratulations to all of you no matter the ranking/placings! Because of
you these students were able to have a great high quality opportunity to
showcase their SAEs.

Please call, email or call on us to help you in anyway!

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From: Ben Lastly <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 4:47 PM
Subject: State Proficiency Award Finalist announcement
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Ag Teachers,

Attached is the list of the 2016 State Proficiency Award Finalists. The
Regional results were sent last week. Each Region winner is a state
finalist. Additionally, in the event that we did not have 3 Regional
winners in a category, the 2nd place applications in other Regions were
considered in order to round out the three finalists. Please review the
list carefully and make sure that you identify your student(s) who are on
the list. All students listed, regardless of their prior Region ranking,
are eligible to be named state winner. The written applications will be
scored later this month. Those results will then be added to the interview
results to determine the final state rankings.

If you have state finalist applications, please make contact with your
Region office ASAP to determine the plan for making revisions to the
applications prior to the state judging process. Each Region office will
handle the revision process for their applications. Please honor the
timeline provided by your Region office so that all applications are turned
back in and ready for the state judging process.

I will send more information in the coming weeks, but the student listed as
State Finalists will all be expected to interview on Thursday, April 28, at
the State FFA Convention. An interview schedule will be published by April
1. If you a student who cannot make their interview on Thursday, April 28,
please let me know by March 15.

Congratulations to these students (and their advisors) on developing some
incredible Supervised Agricultural Experience programs.

Ben Lastly
Executive Secretary
Georgia FFA Association
316 Poultry Science – UGA
Athens, GA 30602
Office Phone: (706) 552-4456
Mobile Phone: (706) 410-4604
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*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *