Good morning my last but NOT least plant pick up people!

Tomorrow, February 12th, is the last plant pick up for South Region Teachers. Here is some general information: 

- List of Chapters that were missing something and/or needed a replacement will have plugs here tomorrow: 
1. Berrien Middle - missing Fuseables - Ooh La la 50 Tray 
2. Lowndes County Middle - missing Basil-annual - Italian Sweet Large Leaf - 100 Tray 
3. Lowndes County High - missing Ageratum - Hawaii Blue - 288 Tray 
4. Ware Co High a tray of Carex Red Rooster

- List of chapters that were originally scheduled for this  pick up date:  
South Region Office - ABAC - pick up 11:00am-5:00pm, Feb 12th 
Lisa MurphreeEarly County
Dustin O'NealClinch Co High
Levi DunnBainbridge Middle
Dennis GayBen Hill Middle
Joshua RogersCoffee High
Sallie McHughCrisp County High
Eve RogersEighth Street
Brittaney SchwingNortheast Campus- Tift County
Heath CrossTift County High School FFA
Kedrione Harris 
Karyn Chester
Calhoun Co
Camdon Co High :) 

- Plants will be outside (weathering permitting) on the grassy area between the Chambless Building and the AG Science Building. near our office. Please DO NOT just walk up grab your plants and leave. I will be in the office all day tomorrow so please call, text, email or even walk inside and let me know you are here to pick up! That way we can check the order and make sure everything is here and you can sign off on the order! 

- Tim will be arriving at about 11am. He does not want plants to be in shock from the cold weather. It should be warmer tomorrow. (fingers crossed) Therefore plant pick up is from 11AM - 5PM

- Invoices will be sent next week from Mrs. Kathy Cooper. We wanted you to be billed for what you actually received. 

Please call me with any needs! Thanks and HAPPY PLANTING! 

I mean this is a great lesson plan for at least a few days. :) 

Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher