Leaders in Training Program
FFA-FCCLA Summer Leadership Camp

Do you have a Junior or Senior this year that is crazy about camp but is too young for Summer Staff? Consider the Leaders In Training program!

Program information can be found at GeorgiaSLC.org. Here is a direct link

The Leaders in Training (LIT) Program is designed to allow a small number of students to take a greater leadership role with the Summer Leadership Camp programs. The goal is to develop and practice intensive leadership skills in these students that will impact the camping experience and their lives after camp. 

Selection process:
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can LITs participate with their chapter? 
LITs may not compete or participate in activities as a camper. They will be completely separate from their chapter, much like the Summer Staff.

2. When can LITs serve? 
The LITs can serve on any week of Summer Leadership Camp, but we prefer that they serve on a week after they attend as a camper. If the LIT serves on the same week that their chapter attends, then they will be completely separate from their chapter. If the LIT serves on a week prior to attending as a camper, they will not be allowed to compete in some events when they attend as a camper.

3. When will LITs report? 
The ideal time frame is Sunday evening through Friday afternoon.

4. Where will LITs stay? 
LITs will stay in semi-private lodging near an adult staff member.

5. How will LITs know what to do? 
Once selected, each LIT will receive a manual with guidelines and instructions.

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