Ag Teachers,

The deadline for FFA membership and AgEd enrollment is March 15. Please make sure that you have included all of the students that you have in agricultural education classes in the Georgia FFA/AgEd enrollment and membership system. As you know, each teacher is expected to have a minimum of 80% of their enrolled students as paid FFA members for their end of the year Program of Work evaluation. If you don’t have all of your enrolled students accounted for, or all FFA members submitted to the FFA roster, please make time to do that by March 15, so that you meet that POW standard. To be complete, each student must be entered in the system, and have their course(s) declared correctly. Those students who are FFA members should then be “submitted to FFA,” while any who are not FFA members should be declared “AgEd Only.”

Chapters who are 100% in FFA membership by March 15, and have all FFA membership dues/fees paid, will be recognized on stage at the 88th Georgia FFA Convention.

I am proud to report that as of today, the Georgia FFA Association has over 36,900 members; leaving us about 2,000 shy of last year’s membership total and 3,000 shy of the 40,000 mark. If you have students who needed to be added to the FFA roster, I encourage you to make time to do that prior to March 15.

If you have any questions about adding students to your enrollment and/or roster, please contact our office and let us help you. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do to help grow the FFA in our great state.

Ben Lastly
Executive Secretary
Georgia FFA Association
316 Poultry Science – UGA
Athens, GA 30602
Office Phone: (706) 552-4456
Mobile Phone: (706) 410-4604
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