From:  Melissa Riley & Christa Steinkamp, Agriscience Fair Superintendents

Re:  Agriscience Fair Announcement

***NEW**All written reports must include a copy of the National
FFA Agriscience Fair application on <>. and
all students must be registered on the registration website.*

*All written reports and applications must be submitted to each the
Agriculture Education Region office in your area by April 1st for
Pre-Screening. *All written reports will be screened and scored by a
committee of Ag teachers and state staff members.  *All successive
year projects must submit an Extension form and abstract for each prior
year’s work as part of written material submitted by state deadline*.  The
pre-qualifiying written report score will carry over to the rubric score
card used at state convention.  We will send out a finalists list after all
written reports have been scored, as a confirmation for State FFA

The 2016 Georgia FFA Agriscience Fair is scheduled to be held in
conjunction with the State FFA Convention on Friday, April 29th in the
Monument Room.  Please check the Advisor's convention planning guide for
more information on times and other events.  Please make sure to review the
State Agriscience Awards bulletin <>
as some of the rules & contest information has changed.   There is more
complete information on the National FFA website for completing
Agriscience Fair projects (but
please keep in mind we will use the Georgia scoring rubrics linked in this

*Project set up times:  Thursday, April 28th (1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.)*
****All projects must be in place and set up Thursday evening.  Please
contact Christa Steinkamp or Melissa Riley if you have concerns with
meeting this deadline. *

*Judging times:  Friday, April 29th (8:30 a.m - 1:00 p.m.)*
* (*Students must be present during judging.  Interview times will be
assigned closer to convention.) *

*Written Report & Application Deadline:   April 1, 2016 (hard copies must
be in region office and digital copies must be received by this date).*

Digital copies should be submitted as one pdf document.

*Digital copies may be submitted directly to Melissa Riley
at [log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]> or **Christa Steinkamp
at [log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>**.*

Please contact State Agriscience Fair Superintendents: Melissa Riley &
Christa Steinkamp with questions concerns.  Good luck!

Region Agriscience Fair contacts:
North:     Kent Benson
Central:  Melissa Riley
South:    Ira Tucker

We are also attaching a suggested report template from National FFA, this
report format is only a suggestion, students are not required to use this

Christa Steinkamp
Georgia Agriculture Education
Curriculum & Technology Director
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Athens, GA 30602
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706.552.4460 ofc
706.552.4462 fax

*Agriculture Education Mission*
"*To be a premier learning system that delivers agricultural,
environmental** and
leadership education programs and services."*