Teachers, a map for the Chattooga County Agriculture Facility and the
Summerville Middle School Campus is attached. Please follow the parking
instructions from Mrs. Lauren Jarrett Below.

Entering the property and parking:

They are adding onto the front of the Ag center so I would suggest people
to pull into the driveway toward hwy 100 and park along the grass side.
They can exit from the driveway closest to the middle school.

Please mention that our BOE office is directly across the road from our Ag
center and please do not park in that small parking lot. We get a lot of
support for our program, please display a positive image, our
Superintendent has been known to walk over and check out events going
on from time-to-time.

Registration for the Lawnmower CDE's will be at the Agriculture facility,
registration for the Nursery Landscape CDE will be in the Middle School

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