The Area Officer Application is on the website and you can now download it and type on directly on the application.  Remember candidates statements must be handwritten though.  Applications can be emailed to either me or the applications email or delivered to the region offices.

Applications are due in the Central Region Office by May 2nd - yes the Monday after State FFA Convention!
Applications can be found at this link - http://gaaged.org/docs/10093_Area%20Officer%20Application.pdf

The test and election will take place at each of the Area Banquets. 
Area 4 - May 10th - East Georgia College in Swainsboro
Area 3 - May 12th - Fort Valley State University

Please take the time and read the application in its entirety.
There are several parts to this process: 
Test - All candidates must arrive at the awards ceremony by 3:30pm to take the written exam.
1 minute Speech/Voting
Also please feel free to talk with me or any of the current Area Officer to find out how much fun it is to serve others on the Area / Region level! If you any questions about the process please let me know.  I have included more details below.

Thank you and continue to push your students to great things!


.Eligibility Requirements
a.To be eligible to run for an Area Office (Junior or Senior office) a candidate must be an active FFA member, and must have completed at least one year of Agricultural Education instruction at the time of election.
b.To be eligible to run for a senior office (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, or Sentinel) a candidate must be in 9th grade or higher. Ninth grade FFA members can choose to run for either senior or junior office, but cannot run for both.
c.To be eligible to run for a junior representative position, a candidate must be a member of a middle school Agricultural Education program and FFA chapter OR be an 8th or 9th grade member at a high school Agricultural Education program and FFA chapter at the time of election.
d.Each FFA chapter may run only one candidate for senior office and one candidate for junior office each year.
e.All candidates must be in good academic standing, passing all of his/her classes.

 Election Process

d.Application - All candidates for Area Office will submit an application to the Region Office.
-Applications will be evaluated and ranked. The top 12 senior office candidates and the top 5 junior office candidates will be selected to run for office.
e.Written Exam - Candidates selected in the application process will take a written exam. Exam date and time will be set by the region office.
-Exam Format:
50 question, multiple choice test
All candidates will complete the exam in one room at the same time.
No one other than the candidates and the administrator of the test are allowed in the room.
No materials, other than a writing utensil, will be allowed in the exam area.
The test will be developed from information found in the resources below:
a.Current Official FFA Manual
b.FFA Student Handbook
c.Robert’s Rules of Order
d.FFA New Horizons – Past 12 months
e.Georgia FFA News (New Horizons Insert) – Past 12 months
Questions will concern practical information that an Area FFA Officer should know.
-Senior office and junior office candidates will be ranked based on their test scores. The highest test scorer will receive a ranking of 1, the second highest test scorer will receive a ranking of 2, etc. Senior and junior office candidates will be ranked separately.
f.Speeches/Voting - The top 17 (12 senior office, 5 junior office) candidates for Area Officer positions will have the opportunity to offer a one-minute speech to the voting delegates. The delegates will then vote for the six senior officers and the two junior representatives they wish to elect. Each delegate will select six names for senior office and two names for junior office.
-One point will be allotted for each vote. Votes will be added and ranked for senior and junior office. The senior office candidate with the highest number of votes will be ranked 1, 2nd highest vote receiver will be ranked 2, etc. Junior candidates will also be ranked by the number of votes received.
-Candidates are not allowed to use props of any kind during their campaign speeches.
g.The application rank, written exam rank, and vote rank will be added. For example, if a candidate was ranked 3rd on the application, 5th on the exam, and the 7th highest vote getter, their overall rank is 15.
h.The senior office candidates will be slated into an office based on rankings.
-Lowest ranking candidate will be the President
-2nd lowest ranking candidate will be the Vice-President
-3rd lowest ranking candidate will be the Secretary
-4th lowest ranking candidate will be the Treasurer
-5th lowest ranking candidate will be the Reporter
-6th lowest ranking candidate will be the Sentinel
i.The two junior candidates with the lowest rankings will be elected as Junior Representatives.
j.Ties will be broken by:

1. Test Score

2. Vote

3. Application Score

Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067
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