Hello again my area officer application friends! 

The Area Officer Application is on the website can now be downloaded and type on directly. I hope this helps with those of you whose students are filling these out! THANK YOU Christa for updating this for us! 

Applications are due in the South Region Office by May 2nd - yes the Monday after State FFA Convention! 

The test and election will take place at each of the Area Banquets. 
Area 5 - May 10th 
Area 6 - May 12th

Please take the time and read the application in its entirety. There are several parts to this process: 
Also please feel free to talk with me or any of the current Area Officer to find out how much fun it is to serve others on the Area / Region level! If you any questions about the process please let me know. 

Thank you and continue to push your students to great things!

Area Officer Application LINK HERE

Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher