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CTAERN4477 - GGIA Plant Professional Certification Workshop
Date & Time - 8:00am - Monday, June 20th  through Noon - Wednesday, June 22nd 
Instructor - Mr. Wayne Juers with the Georgia Green Industry & Mr. Greg Huber - UGA Center for Urban Ag 
Location - University of Georgia - Griffin Campus - Griffin, GA  
This workshop is designed for teachers wanting to learn plant ID techniques that they can use with their horticulture classes and with their floriculture and nursery landscape CDE teams. The workshop will also cover basic horticulture knowledge that lines with the basic agriscience as well as general horticulture curriculum. At the end of the workshop teacher will take the plant professional certification exam over 100 plant material as well as a general knowledge test. The GGIA certification is required for teachers wanting their horticulture industry certification. 

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CTAERN4475 - Irrigation Systems 101

Date & Time - 8:00am - 5:00pm - Friday, June 10th 
Instructor - Mr. Bob Westerfield with UGA Extension 
Location - University of Georgia - Griffin Campus - Griffin, GA 
The workshop is designed for horticulture teachers that are looking for experience working with irrigation systems. Teachers will learn how to set up different kinds of irrigation systems such as overhead irrigation that would be used in a greenhouse, misted system used for propagation as well as drip irrigation for raised beds.  Teachers will also learn how to set up irrigation timers and zones.  This will be a hands on workshop that directly relates to the nursery landscape standards. 

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CTAERN 4615 - Teaching Landscape Design for Beginners  
Date & Time  - 8:00am - 5:00pm - July 13th - July 14th
Instructor - Greg Huber w UGA Center for Urban Ag 
Location - University of Georgia - Griffin Campus - Griffin, GA 
This workshop is a two day workshop designed to help teachers new to teaching landscape design develop a fun and rigorous curriculum that incorporates both indoor and outdoor activities to engage high school learners

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