Good morning my end of the year/testing like crazy Agriculture Teachers! 

Below are the lists of the students selected to run for a South Region Area Officer position. Please note a few details for the process to run smoothly next week: 

1. Knowledge Test will begin promptly at 5 pm for both locations. We will use a classroom nearby the banquet halls to test. 
2. Students must wear complete Official Dress. 
3. During the banquet students will be asked to come forward and deliver their ONE MINUTE speech to all of the students in the banquet hall. If your student goes over time on the speech, TIME will be called. 
4. Each chapter will have two students designated to serve as their voting delegates. 
5. The announcement of the new Area Officer Team will be announced at the end of the banquet. 

Area 5 Junior Area Officer Candidates: (2 will be elected)

Ben Hill Middle

Gracie Lovett

Eighth Street Middle

Ivey Cook

Lee Co Middle West

Ashlyn Hurst

Miller County High

Hayden Maxwell

Northeast Campus - Tift

Mary Claire Payne

Area 5 Senior Area Officer Candidates: (6 will be elected)

Baconton Charter

Charlee Coker

C.A. Gray Jr High

Kirk Beacham

Colquitt County High

Garrett Harrell

Irwin County High

Sammi Bowen

Lee County High

Morgan Johnston

Miller County High

Sydney Thomas

Mitchell County High

Allen D. Brown

Pataula Charter

Jamie Worsley

Pelham High

Brianna Cox

Seminole County High

Katiebeth Mims

Thomas Co Central

Brentley Odom

Wilcox County High

Drew Willingham

Area 6 Junior Area Officer Candidates: (2 will be elected)

Appling County High

Brycen Lee

Berrien County Middle

Gage Nichols

Brantley County Middle

Mattie Anne Davis

Echols County High

Justin Sandlin

Ware County High

Kenna Waters

Area 6 Senior Area Officer Candidates: (6 will be elected)

Appling County High

John Michael Hunter

Berrien County High

Hannah Exum

Brantley County High

Shaina Flowers

Charlton County High

Cason Howard

Echols County High

Emily Leonard

Golden Isles Career Academy

Allison Simpson

GW Carver Freshman Campus

Dawson Adams

Jeff Davis High

Gracie Claxton

Lanier County High

Jacob Hamm

Lowndes County High

Clay Parker

McIntosh Academy

Jessica Howard

Ware County High

Hinkley Hood

All of the applications were very good and it was a hard decision for the judges to make. Thank you to all you and your students for taking the time to apply for an Area Officer position. This is a great sign that your students have the want to serve others! If you have any questions please let me know I am more than happy to help! 


Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher