If you had a state winning proficiency award application in 2016, please review this information carefully!

Following the state convention a review met to look over each state winning application and offer feedback. Region offices then returned state winning applications to teachers.  You should have your application(s) with feedback and suggestions for improvement. As you work on making revisions, please be aware of the following information.

State winning proficiency applications are due, in final form, to the State FFA Office by Friday, July 1. Please keep in mind that your Region office may have set an earlier date to gather all applications from the Region. Please honor the deadline given by your Region office, and be sure that your applications are turned in, with all changes made and all signatures, by the deadline.

*July 1 - Applications due to the State FFA Office
*July 24-29 - National application scoring process
*August 5 - Announcement of national application scoring / naming of National Finalists

Tips/Common Places to Improve
*Question 1 (Describe your SAE) - Be sure to share the details of the SAE immediately in this answer (i.e. number of acres, crops grown, clients served, hours worked, etc...) A nice story about what may have brought you to the SAE is OK, but to get full points, the judges have be able to read that question and know exactly what your SAE is all about.
*Inventory (current and non-current) - Be sure to keep in mind that in most cases, for inventory to increase, the student must have acquired something (purchased/bartered for/received gift). It raises a major red flag when inventory sees an increase no acquisition is reported.
*SAE Size/Scope/Responsibilities (PLACEMENT) - Be very specific with information provided, and use multiple entries if necessary to adequately describe each responsibility. (i.e. 2015; Farm Hand at Lastly Farms; 800 hours -vs- 2015; Lastly Farms (planted corn & cotton) - 200 hours; (harvested corn & cotton) 200 hours; (maintenance of combines and pickers) - 85 hours; (fertilizer application) - 40 hours; etc...BE SPECIFIC!
*Efficiencies/Learning Outcomes - 3 are mandatory to be eligible for full points, but 5 will show up....list a many (up to 5) good ones as the student has!
*Skills/Competencies - In the contribution to success box, be sure that the students gives a description of their role with that skill, not just a general statement about how that skill is used. Talk specifically about what (and how) the student does.
*Version numbers - at the bottom of each page of the proficiency application (except the signature page and photo pages) there is a version number. It is VITAL that the version number the same on every page of the final submission. Make the changes you need to make and then print all pages at one time. Having multiple version numbers in one application will result in disqualification!

If you have specific questions about your student's proficiency applications, please call on me.

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