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Don Fox, Ph.D. wrote on 6/29/2016 10:04 AM:
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Dear all,


Looking forward to hearing about your lab’s latest work at the upcoming TAGC polyploidy workshop!  It would be great if you could help to publicize the workshop among colleagues who will be in attendance at the meeting.  I’ve pasted a message that you may wish to forward to your colleagues below, along with an updated workshop agenda.


See you in Orlando!

Don Fox

Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology

Department of Cell Biology

Duke University Medical Center




Dear colleagues,


I wanted to call your attention to a workshop that I am participating in at the upcoming TAGC meeting on the biology of polyploidy.  The workshop will take place at 4PM on Saturday, July 16th.  It would be great if you and your lab members are able to attend. An agenda is posted below- please share with your labs and any other interested colleagues!


Genetic and Genomic Models of Polyploidy

4-6 PM, Crystal Ballroom A-B

Speakers will give 10 minute talks followed by 5 minutes of questions


Ben Stormo (Don Fox’s Lab) Duke University Medical Center, SIRS: A mechanism for separating polytene chromosomes


Eduardo Orias, PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara, Programmed polyploidy in a naturally non-mitotically dividing somatic nucleus


Neil Umbreit (David Pellman Lab) HHMI/Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Mechanisms and genomic consequences of chromosome bridge breakage


Hung-Ji Tsai, PhD (Rong Li’s Lab) Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Fitness landscape driven by the interaction between gene mutation and aneuploidy


Judith Berman, PhD , Tel Aviv University, Polyploidy and aneuploidy in drug resistance


Andrew Duncan, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Polyploidy drives selection of disease-resistant aneuploidy in the regenerating mouse liver


Bernhard Kuhn, MD, University of Pittsburgh, Polyploidy and binucleated cells in the heart during development and regeneration


Yoichiro Tamori, PhD, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima Japan, Mechanical stretch-induced polyploidization in compensatory cellular hypertrophy