Fellow Ag Teachers,

We often fail to acknowledge great acts of character and leadership because we get too busy with our day to day work. I would like to share a quick incident that happened this past weekend at the Georgia Young Farmer Beef Cattle Show. (thanks to my good friend Andy TenHuisen for being the first to share this story)


As class 12 of the steer show was exiting the ring, the exhibitors were being given the pre-stuffed envelopes with the cash and ribbon that reflected the placing the student and steer received from the judge, Mr. Logan Williams, a 10th grader at Alcovy High School was expecting to see the red 2nd place ribbon but was surprised that when he opened his envelope there was a blue 1st place ribbon that had been inadvertently placed in the 2nd place envelope. Logan quickly returned to the show ring to exchange the ribbon stating that he “would not take something that he didn’t earn”. It would have been easy for him to go home that day with the blue ribbon, but his character and attitude about the steer show project is worthy of more than just a first place ribbon. In my view, he is a champion.


In this day and age when there are too many examples of people choosing to win at all cost and do whatever it takes to get the blue ribbon – it is refreshing to witness the work and dedication of an agriculture teacher and student that exemplifies the morals and character we strive for in the FFA creed and code of conduct.


Thank You Ms. Bullock for the work you do in providing great opportunities for your students and please let Mr. Logan Williams know that we are proud of the way he represents himself and the FFA.


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