Good morning my Job Interview Teaching Agriculture Teachers!

Job Interview CDE registration in now open for the SUBAREA CDE. To register
you must submit 4 HARD COPIES of your student's resume and cover letter.
Registration will close on September  16th. This is not a postmarked date
this is an in the office date!

Job Interview Materials Due in the *South Region Office by Friday,
September 16th:*

*South Region AG ED Office*

*c/o Trisha Lastly/Jerry Stone*

*2802 Moore HWY ABAC 34*

*Tifton, GA 31794*

Job Interview Materials:  Cover Letter and Resume' - NO LETTERS OF REFERENCE

Refer to the State CDE rules for more information.


Make sure the job the student is applying for is one they can actually
qualify for *right now *as a high school student.

Important to remember:

1 - Area events will only involve 3 scores: *Cover Letter, Resume',
and Interview.*

2 - Cover Letter should be dated the date of the state event: *12/03/16*

3 - Cover Letter should be addressed to the State Job Interview CDE Superi

*Erin NessmithLeadership Program Specialist*

*316 Poultry Science University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602 *

*All applicants will compete in the interview process.  The top three
students in each of the SUB AREA bracket will move on to round two (the
AREA CDE) on October 25th and 27th. *

The Job Interview SUB AREA CDE's will be held:

*Area 5*

September 27

Terrell County High School

*Area 6*

September 29

Berrien County High School

Those advancing to the AREA Job Interview will need to submit their revised
cover letter and resume to the South Region Office by October 17th.

Job Interview AREA CDE's will be held:

*Area 5*

October 25th

ABAC Campus

*Area 6*

October 27th

Brantley Co Middle School

If you have any questions, please let me or Jerry Stone know.

Thank you for teaching leadership in your classes daily!

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *