Good morning all my floral design loving South Region Teachers! 

Next Monday and Thursday are the South Region Floral Design Mini Clinics. Each participant will make at least 2 different arrangements that directly relate to their CDE. They will get to take home all of the arrangements they make at the mini clinics as well as any extra materials. 

Cost is $20 per person to attend. This includes all materials needed to complete the above arrangements including wire, ribbon, flowers, etc. Checks should be made payable to the South Region FFA/AG ED Office and can be brought to the clinics themselves or you can pay with cash. 
If a student would like to purchase a State Floral Design T-shirt they will be on sale while supplies lasts for $10 and only in the size Medium. 

Mini Clinic will start at 4:30 and will conclude around 7:00pm. 
Please make plans to arrive on time so that we can cover all material needed and so that all students are served. 

Two locations/dates: 
1. Colquitt County High School - August 29th 
2. Echols County High School - September 1st 

Participants will need to bring:
1. Wire cutters
2. Scissors/ pruners to cut both soft and woody flower stems
3. Needle nose pliers 
4. Floral Adhesive/ Glue

Please be reminded that these clinics are for you to assist your students during the clinic. We have large numbers this year and there are only a few instructors so please be willing to sit and help your students complete the designs. 

Attached is the final sign up sheet please be sure to pay for the amount you signed up for through the registration process. ALSO if you have changes please let me know TODAY (8/25/16).

Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher