Dear Anjai,

We have valence and vdW parameters Mannuronic acid, but we don't currently have ensemble-averaged charges for it.  That's why we did have it in the latest GLYCAM force field.  My suggestion is calculating Mannuronic acid's ensemble-averaged charges by following instructions in GLYCAM06 paper.

We are working on our automated ensemble-averaged charge calculation tool.  Please come back and check our website soon.



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Subject: GLYCAM parameters for Mannuronic acid !
Dear GLYCAM developers,

I would like to know if there is any standard protocol to follow if I want to simulate (MD) a oligosaccharide system whose monosaccharide units are not from the residues defined under GLYCAM forcefield (Specifically, Mannuronic acid ). I have checked all the residue types and I think up to the current GLYCAM forcefield version acidic form residue for Mannose(Man) is not there.

I appreciate any suggestions and help.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Best regards,