February is fast approaching along with the due date for completed
proficiency applications. January is not the ideal time to begin working on
those applications.

With 60% of your students (minimum) required to have an SAE program, you
need to get an early start on proficiency applications.

I have a suggestion that may help.  Break the application into components
and eat that "elephant" one bite at a time.  I have attached 5 sample
writing assignments (in 1 document) that cover Performance Reviews A, B, &
C in the application.


   - Provide one of these assignments per week, once every two weeks, for
   homework, etc...
   - Adapt to your needs
   - Develop your own rubric that parallels the National Proficiency Rubric
   - Enlist the support of a Language Arts teacher for continued
   development, cross currucular teaching, grading, etc...
   - Distribute to all grade levels - 9th graders completing this now will
   find it much easier in the future
   - Allow opportunity for feedback for each assignment before giving out
   the next

I hope this is helpful.  Some of you may already have a plan in place or
other suggestions.  Feel free to share your insights, thoughts, etc...


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