Just a reminder about the land judging pits that are set up at the Treutlen School Forest.  I have 4 pits set up and scored.  I have attached a copy of the score sheet with this email.  You will need to print off both attachments or pull it up on your phone at the school forest.  There will not be a key at the school forest for you.  Mr. Garner has agreed for you and your students to visit these pits either during the school day or after school.  He does ask for you to notify him by email prior to your visit at agarner@treutlen.k12.ga.us.

Please remember to bring copies of score sheets, clipboards, nails, putty knives, pencils, calculators, etc.  You will also need to bring your own yard sticks, water bottles, and buckets of water.  There will be no assumption cards at the pits.  All the information you will need should be written on the key.  Each pit is numbered with a different color ribbon.  The color of ribbon on the slope poles will match the pit ribbon.  The first pit is in the front on the north side of the school forest.  The other 3 are located in the back on the south side of the school forest. You should be able to drive to all four pits.

Please do not allow your students to dig or poke inside the ribbon area, but remind them to take their measurements within the ribbons.

The google address below should get you to the workshop location.  

32.3943962, -82.6013866

Please bring your own score cards and handouts with the rules if you need them.

Thank you (33.5),


Barry Norris
Forestry Teacher
Central Region Agriculture Education
101 North Main Street
Swainsboro, GA 30401
cell - 478-290-5821