​eachers, ​

Some reminders for the Central Region Leadership Rally next week.  We will
have a record number of students attending.  This is very exciting and we
are all here to have fun and meet new people.

​Please read this ENTIRE EMAIL - it has ALOT of information you will need ​

*Schedule for the Day*-Tuesday, September 13th ​

*9:00 – 9:45         Registration and Collection of Items for the Troops in
New Activity Center *

 9:45 – 10:00       Welcome - outside Activity Center on lawn

1. ​
*Please remind you​r​ students to be patient, kind and courteous to
​There are 1,318 people registered to attend.  There will be times you have
to stand in line or wait. ​

2. *Supervise your students*! Please make sure
​your students are where they are suppose to be when they are suppose to be
there.  *Following the lunch schedule and being on time for assembly are
extremely important!  *If it is not your assigned free time, students
should not be in the pool or other free rec areas.  Click here for Student
Dress Code

3. ​*Please remember to bring items for our troops serving over seas*.  We
are working in conjunction with Blue Star Mothers.  The area officers will
be taking pictures of each school with the items you bring and providing
you with a press release that you can take back and share with your local
newspaper.  Click here for LIST OF  ITEMS NEEDED

4.  * Every student must bring ALL 3 pages of the parental release
form*.  *There
will be a nurse on site to take these up during registration*.  Click here

​5. If you plan to compete in the *Opening Ceremony Contest* please sign up
Student will need to be in full official dress to compete.
​ Please make sure they bring a change of clothes for the rest of the

​6. Click here for GROUP ASSIGNMENT
In order for this day to run as smoothly as possible you and your students
need to follow the correct schedule.

​7. The schedule has been revised from what was originally posted.  Click
here to see the REVISED SCHEDULE
​We have added an assembly to the Leadership Rally.  Each of your students
will hear Mr. Darius Glover's ​message to Overcome Adversity...*"Don't Let
Your Struggle Become Your Identity".  *You can read more about his story
<> here.

​8.  Rules and Guidelines for the Team Competitions can be found HERE

*​9. Things you need to bring:*

- Payment  - Checks
​payable ​
to Central Region FFA - You are responsible for the # of students
registered, even if you bring less

- Towels and Swim Suits

- Sunscreen

​ Official Dress if competing in opening ceremony ​

- Closed toed shoes for students running obstacle course, ag mech relay,
and lumberjack race

- Bug Spray

​If you have any other questions please let me know.  ​We are looking
forward to seeing everyone next week!!

Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067
cell - 478-973-4071