Congratulations to all of the students and their teachers for their hard
work preparing for the Area 2 Jr. Ag. Mechanics CDE. Special thanks to Dr.
Shannon Lawrence for hosting the event and for all of his and his students
assistance with setting up and conducting the event. I'd also like to
recognize UGA Agricultural Education student, Mr. Chris Crump and all of
the teachers who served as group leaders and proctors for each of the
mechanics events and for the assistance with entering scores, setting up
and loading the trailer. it takes many hands to put this event on and your
help is greatly appreciated!

Teachers were; group leaders Sara Hughes, Zach Free, Zachary Dalton,
Shannon Lawrence; tool and equipment I.D,  Dustin Keener, Dillon Parker;
written exam, James Hale, Brandon Walker; electrical skill practicum, Chris
Crump, Travis Sertich, Deion Latimer, Ben Brand. Also, many students from
Madison County, Washington Wilkes and Oglethorpe County also stayed after
the event to help pack up along with Kyle Wilson, Michael Atkinson, Sara
Hughes, Deion Latimer and Travis Sertich. I am most grateful.

Scores have been checked and FFA membership has been verified.
Congratulations to:

1st Place Team - Oglethorpe County High School - Advisor, Mr. Travis Sertich
Robert Webb
Joseph Fraker
Matthew Marucci
Joshua Lindmier - High scoring individual

2nd Place Team - Washington Wilkes High School - Advisor, Mr. Kyle Wilson
Eli Holton
Grier Carter
Paco Juarez
Bryson Swann

A complete summary of the scores is attached.
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