Teachers, I have the following schools registered for the Area 2 EMC Training activities at Habersham EMC, Jefferson City Ag. Facility and Walton EMC, please register using the link provided if you plan on attending.

 EMC Training Registration

Habersham Central High School - Habersham EMC
Franklin Co. High School - Habersham EMC
Habersham 9th Grade Academy - Habersham EMC
Rabun County High School - Habersham EMC
White County - Habersham EMC
Madison County High School - Jackson EMC
Banks County High - Jackson EMC - Jefferson Ag Facility
Athens Christian School - Jackson EMC - Jefferson Ag Facility
jefferson - Jackson EMC - Jefferson Ag Facility
Social Circle - Walton EMC
Oglethorpe County High - Walton EMC
Morgan County High School - Walton EMC
Washington-Wilkes - Walton EMC
Oconee County High School - Walton EMC
Monroe Area High School - Walton EMC
Newton College & Career Academy - Walton EMC

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