I have attached a complete summary of the results to yesterday's Area 1 Land Judging Competition at Berry College. I would like to thank the teachers that dedicated their time to being a pit monitor (Rickie Farrow, Kaita McGregor, Laura Williford, Stacey Cagle, Veronica Owens, and Joey Dean) and also to those that helped by being a group leader (Scotty Rich, Joseph Temperly, Rebecca Farrow, and Tiffany Walters). Also, a special thanks to Dr. Laura Flatow and Eddie Elseberry at Berry College for making the event possible. 


The top two Jr. and top two Senior division teams will represent Area 1 at the State Land Judging CDE which will be held in the Central Region on Saturday, October 29th, 2016.



Congratulations to:

1st place team, Senior Land Judging – Central of Carroll  - Advisor – Laura Williford

2nd place team, Senior Land Judging - Gilmer County High School - Advisor – Bushey/Little 

High scoring individual for the Sr. Division - Kyle Jacobs – Temple High School.


1st place team, Jr. Division - Gilmer County High School - Advisor – Bushey/Little 

2nd place team, Jr. Division – North Murray High School - Advisor – Nelson McCracken 

High scoring individual, Jr. Division - Chloe Hensley - Gilmer County High School

Rosters have been verified and these results are official.


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