We had a great display of students competing in Career Development Events yesterday, but that wasn't  the best part.....
The display of 'Premier Leadership' being displayed before and after the event was the best part. I hesitate to call out particular chapters for fear I may miss someone, but here I go. When I arrived prior to the event, I saw Mr. Travis Sertich and his tractor driver (Mr. Ethan Thaxton) helping set up the large tent we used. After the event, I was in awe to see the students from Habersham County breakdown the tractor driving course in record time with as little as a nod from Mr. Dekle to let them know it was time. Almost simultaneously, a group of students from White County appeared and took on the task of breaking down the large tent along with their advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Keener and young Luke even joined in. Within seconds everything was broken down, and loaded. Mr. Lastly seemed disappointed that he got to the party late because his boys from Madison County Middle wanted to help out too. So they, along with Mr. Lastly found a way to help. They saw some tables that needed to carried back to the storage shed and jumped right on it. If I missed anyone else who helped out, I apologize.
I am so grateful that we have teachers that are not so consumed with winning that they forget how to teach their students valuable life lessons. I'm honored to be part of the greatest youth leadership program in the world and it all starts with the best teachers who are truly focused on making their students better people.

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