Its a GREAT DAY to be apart of the SOUTH REGION!

What a wonderful display of leadership and skills during this week's CDEs.
Let's all work together to try new things with our students. The new things
you try may change their life and yours too!

Thank you to both Terrell County High School and Berrien County High School
for being such gracious hosts to more than 200 students and teachers! It is
not always easy to host a large event but both of these schools did it with

Below are updated press releases for you to use in your local newspapers,
social medias and various media outlets. Feel free to change them around to
meet your local needs. Add student placings, local sponsors, local
supporters and student quotes.

Below is a link to the photos taken at the events. Please feel free to
download these and use them with your press releases or maybe for your end
of the year banquet slide show!

Thank you again teachers for the amazing work that you all do daily!
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