Good afternoon teachers, 

Attached is the list of chapters and students that have submitted their SUB AREA Job Interview CDE Material to the South Region Office. This material is being judged as we speak by a panel of judges. 

Teachers please be sure that you have your student's name listed as it appears on your chapters roster. YES WE WILL CHECK ROSTERS before the CDE announcement on Wednesday and Friday respectively. 

Each student will have approximately 5 minutes to interview with the SUB AREA Judges. The scores from the student's cover letter, resume and interview will be totaled to rank the students that will be moving on to the AREA Job Interview CDE.


All applicants will compete in the interview process.  The top three students in each of the SUB AREA bracket will move on to round two (the AREA CDE) on October 25th and 27th


The Job Interview SUB AREA CDE's will be held:

Area 5

September 27

Terrell County High School


Area 6

September 29

Berrien County High School

Those advancing to the AREA Job Interview will need to submit their revised cover letter and resume to the South Region Office by October 17th.

Job Interview AREA CDE's will be held: 

Area 5

October 25th 

ABAC Campus

Area 6

October 27th 

Brantley Co Middle School 


If you have any questions, please let me or Trisha Lastly know. 

Thank you for teaching leadership in your classes daily!