Good afternoon and happy fall y'all! 

Thank you to all of the chapters that attended the 2nd Annual South Region Leadership Rally! It was a HOT day, yes literally, but figuratively also. We are so excited at not only the amount of participation (1200 total and 70% of the chapters!!!) but the quality of students that you brought to experience this South Region pride building event. Thank you for making the day an amazing experience for all! 

It took many people wanting the South Region Leadership Rally to be a success to make the day possible: 

Thank you to ABAC for allowing us to use their facilities at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture. Thank you to the facility and staff of ABAC and at the staff at the GMA for their support as well as for the ABAC FFA and ABAC AET for providing student help throughout the day. Also thank you to UGA Tifton for also allowing students to come and assist with judging of the various events. Thank you to the Tift County FFA Alumni for cooking a great meal and being able to feed 1200 people in one hour flat! Thank you also to the current and past State FFA Officers. We could not have done it without you and Mrs. Erin Nessmith. THANK YOU! Thank you also goes out to Matthew's Trophy Shop for making the plaques look amazing for the students. To the Albany District Office of DNR and the Tift County Kiwanis Club for volunteering their time to assist with the Forestry Fun Zone; THANK YOU the students loved it! Please take the time to tell all of these people THANK YOU. 

Below is a link to a short survey for you the teacher to fill out. This will not take long and be honest. We want to make this the best experience for your students and continue to have the event grow. We need your feedback: 


Also attached is the digital version of the press release that you hopefully found in your bag with your t-shirts. 

Thank you again for providing this opportunity to your students. We in the South Region AG ED Office hope that is event will help you to motivate your students to be involved on the local area and state level this year. 

Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher 
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