As you are well aware things are moving rapidly and we are shifting gears-
GA National/Local Fairs, National FFA Convention, EXPO, and
"BAM!!!"..........EMC Wiring workshops!!!

*Satilla EMC* on *October 24th* and *Mitchell EMC* on *October
begins at 4 PM, wiring events will start at 4:30 with a meal around 6 PM.

*Wiring and Practice Problem solving only!!! The demonstration board will
be present and we will go over it thoroughly!!!*

I have set up a registration tab on the Ag Ed website page under the event
registration tab for you to sign up as many as 4 students. Note: *Colquitt
EMC* Practice is *November 10th* in Tifton.

*Registration closes Friday October 21st for these Training sessions.*

I would like to encourage you to bring any student who has a desire,
natural talent,
or potential talent for electrical wiring to these training sessions.

*Tip # 1*: When I was in the classroom teaching, I would find 3-4 students
and take them to one practice so that they could gain or learn what the
contest was about, and then I would tell them that the next training
session was gonna be our chapter contest. The winner of our chapter contest
would represent our FFA program at the Area CDE in December. We would also
collaborate with our local EMC and they would sponsor the prize money:
$100-1st place, $50-2nd place, and $25-3rd place to our students in the
chapter contest along with a trophy at our Awards ceremony during National
FFA Week!

Below is the "411" on the Area CDE in December!

South *Region* EMC Wiring Contest

•        ABAC (Chambliss Bldg.)

•        Areas V & VI

•        Tuesday December 1st

•        Check-in at *9:30am*

•        CDE will begin at *10:00am*

The *first place area winner receives a $500 scholarship* and the *second
place area winner receives a $300 scholarship *from the Georgia EMC. The
first place Area advisor also receives a $100 prize as well! Good hunting
and fishing money!!!!!

Check out page 21 in the wiring contest brochure located on the Ag ED
Website for more details!!!

Tractor Driving CDE's

Registration is now opened for your students for the AREA 5 and 6 CDE's on
the website!

*Registration closes for Area 5 on Wednesday, November 2nd*
*for Area 6 on Monday, November 7!!!*

As of right now we are working on the details for the tractor for the Area
CDE's, and when we know 100% exactly which tractor- 50, 60, or 70 series,
as well as 2WD or 4WD: I will be sending that info out to all of you

This will be an official CDE so please make sure student's name is on your
FFA roster.

•AREA V – Nov. 4th at Albany Fair
•Check-in begins at 8:30am
•CDE will begin at 9:00am
•All must be registered by 10:00am
•AREA VI – Nov. 9th at Waycross Fair
•Check-in from 2:00 pm-4:30 pm
•CDE will begin at 2:00.
•All must be registered by 4:30.

•*State CDE on Dec. 2**nd**  at ABAC*
•Please review section 1 for references to be used on the Written Exam.

*Tip #2*: This also makes for a good local contest/CDE!!! We would contact
a local tractor dealership and ask if they would sponsor our chapter
contest in the same manner/format as the EMC event mentioned above. We
would set out bleachers and actually draw attendance; mainly parents,
principles/administrators, and one year we got the sponsor to help judge
the event!!  This also makes for good T.V. news as well!! WALB (Albany) and
WCTV Thomasville/Tallahassee) and Channel 4 out of Jacksonville, I'm sure
would love to come out and do a news story if you contact them in due time.
Then you can take your 3 winners and do a NASCAR style, victory lane
picture with your chapter's sponsor in the background on a banner (tractor
dealership should have one) and place it in the local newspaper!!! If you
have good relationship with your newspaper, they may even print it in

Folks, that's all I have today- I pray that the GOOD LORD blesses all of
you, and if you are fortunate to be on fall break next week or anytime
soon, take some time to relax or "chill" and spend some quiet time daily
with HIM! Trust me your strength will be renewed!! (Isaiah 30:15)

I am as always,

Jerry Stone