I know October is a very busy month for Ag Teachers and I want to help with a few reminders regarding the upcoming deadlines for Enrollment, FFA Rosters, and FFA Programs of Activities.

Please see to it that all of your classes are complete and that every student enrolled in the class has been entered on the website with the required information. Remember to delete all students who are showing up on your enrollment page as a carry over from last year who no longer have an Ag class. 

"Approved Program of Study" is for those students who have graduated and are working toward their American Degree and for students who will have your class next semester but have not been assigned to a class yet and for those very rare cases where circumstances beyond the students control make it temporarily impossible for the student to take an Ag class. This should not be an option when the student makes a choice to take another class when an Ag class is available.

When all of your class enrollment information is complete you should check it by clicking the Generate PDF button on the enrollment page. You can view each class separately and check it against your actual class roll for accuracy. When you have completed this process, your enrollment is complete. There is nothing you need to send to us.

Program Of Activities and Budget:
You should email these to [log in to unmask]  You can email a separate budget or include a page for your budget in the POA. Please have the subject line read ChapterName_FY17POA with a similar file name. When you submit your POA you should receive a message from the application email thanking you for your submission. If you send multiple emails you will only get the Thank You response once every four days. Not that we are being stingy with our Thank Yous...that is just how the vacation setting that generates that message works.

FFA Rosters:
Your FFA Roster should also be completed on the website and a check for the amount due sent to the State FFA Office at:

316 Poultry Science Building - UGA
Athens, Ga 30602 

When this is done and all of your carry over students who are not enrolled in an Ag this year have been deleted, then the PDF that can be generated off of the enrollment page will show an accurate FFA membership percentage at the top of the page. Our standard is 80% but keep in mind this standard does not have to be met until the April Program Reviews. You can continue to add FFA members at any time throughout the year to build toward 80%

I am attaching the instructions for all of these processes. If you need any help please call me or one of our Central Region Area Teachers for assistance. 

I hope this may make things a little easier and clear up questions before they arise.

Thank you for all you do, see you soon.

Chris Corzine
Central Region Agricultural Education Director
Georgia Department of Education
PO Box 4060
1005 State University Dr.
Ft. Valley, GA 31030
"Making Agricultural Education Work for All Georgians"