Congratulations to the following winners at the Georgia National Fair
Nursery Landscape ID contest that took place yesterday.
Thank you to Josh Allen for setting up the nursery contest and for
monitoring the room.
I have also attached the PowerPoints of yesterday's plant material for you
to review with your students.

*Sr. Team Division*
1st - Mary Persons High - Advisor, Bill Waldrep
2nd - Brantley County High - Advisor, Richard Gill
*Sr. Top 10 Individuals*
1st - Elizabeth Smith - Mary Persons
2nd - Bobby Jones - Mary Persons
3rd - Emsley Smith - Mary Persons
4th - Kayley Dale - Mary Persons
5th - Kyler Case - Brantley Co High
6th - Samantha Keserauskis -Brantley Co High
7th - Audrey Barr - Mary Persons High
8th - Aida Valencis - Appling Co High
9th - Mary Harbin - Colquitt Co High
10th - Jake Johnson - Brantley Co High

*Jr. Team Division*
1st - Appling County Middle - Advisor, Ricky Barnes
2nd - Echols Co High, Advisor, Shelby Corbett
*Jr. Top 10 Individuals*
1st - Jayson Wisekal - Perry High
2nd - Melana Cauley - Appling Co Middle
3rd - Brooke Butler - Appling Co Middle
4th - Zoey Miller - Perry High
5th - Victor Valencia - Appling Co Middle
6th - Maggie Valencia - Appling Co Middle
7th - Anna Edwards - Appling Co High
8th - Colby Waters - Perry High
9th - Cale Flowers - Appling Co Middle
10th - Jarin Thrift - Brantley Co High

Complete results are attached

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