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If you are planning to complete a National Chapter Award application this year, please read the following information and be aware of some changes to the NCA application and program for this year.

The National Chapter Award application will look a little different this year than in years past. Last year the process of evolving the application changed some, but you ultimately still downloaded an Excel file and things became familiar. This year there is NO EXCEL FILE! The entire NCA application is online. You can use use your previous NCA applications (Excel files) as a reference, but you cannot work from those files to submit your application. The NCA application will be a little different this year, so please be sure that you access and use the new application.

The application will be completed online, then you will generate a PDF file to print and submit for judging. Also, as you try to access form II, you will notice that you cannot access form II until you complete form I. Form II is only available after a chapter completes and scores high enough to advance to form II. Scoring well enough to advance to form II should not be a difficult task, but it will take a little time; so please plan accordingly as you begin your timeline for completing the National Chapter Award application.

Read the information below, review the newly revised NCA handbook, and let me know if you have questions.

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The 2017 national chapter award application is now available for chapter use in the Application Center located in In addition to this exciting announcement, I have a few additional items to share:

·        The handbook has been updated with two additional deductions (see pages 21, 35-41) for a total of four:

o   Replication of activity within application:

§  It is important that each activity chosen is distinct and related to the selected quality standard for that division.

·        For example, leadership CDEs addressing the leadership quality standard and CDEs addressing the career success quality standard are the same activity. A 25 point deduction will result if activities are used more than once in Form II.

o   Activity date out of range:

§  If the dates in any activity do not coincide with the dates listed on the cover of the application, a 25 point deduction per activity will be assessed.

o   *NEW* Multiple activities in one:

§  Although some chapters conduct several activities related to a single quality standard, each activity listed in Form I and Form II should contain information about one activity, not all activities the chapter conducted that relate to the quality standard. If a chapter submits one activity page in Form II with multiple activities included, a 25 point deduction will be assessed.

o   If a chapter wrote about participating in leadership conferences and included national FFA convention, 212ᴼ Conference and a chapter officer leadership training, the deduction would be applied.

o   If a chapter wrote about participating in a 212ᴼ Conference and how they implemented the new knowledge when they returned home, no deduction would be applied.

o   *NEW* Collaborative activity replication:

§  When chapters collaborate on an activity, it is acceptable for each chapter to use the activity in their respective national chapter applications; however, there should be differences in goals, plans of action, etc., based on what each chapter was responsible for during the activity. If each chapter’s activity write up in Form II contains the same goals, plans of action and/or results and evaluation, a 25 point deduction will be assessed.

·        The handbook has also been updated with important information about the online application (see pages 35-41).


If you would, please help us share the news about the handbook updates and the application being available. For reference, here are the directions on how an advisor can initiate the application for their chapter. If you or your chapters have questions or notice any issues with the online application, please let us know. Providing feedback will help us more effectively assist others.


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