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Please see the opportunities below that are being offered through Penn State University.  If you are interested in either opportunity you can contact me or Dr. Daniel Foster.


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Eric D. Rubenstein, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communication Department


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1)       Global Learning in Agriculture Conference (#GLAG17) – January 27th – 1pm-5pm EST

a.       Description:

                                                               i.      Online Professional Development Conference designed for practitioners of agricultural education focused on global learning efforts and best practices for both on-site and immersion activities.  
YouTube Welcome Video:  

b.       Cost:

                                                               i.      $50 (includes cool Conference-in-a-Box with SWAG & Curriculum Materials as well as access to recordings)

c.       Other Notes:

                                                               i.      Only 200 seats available

                                                             ii.      Continuing Education Units (CEU) available upon request

                                                            iii.      Do not have to engage synchronously. Receive the materials and watch the recordings on your own time!

                                                            iv.      Check out 2016 conference report 2016:

                                                             v.      Check out 2016 Presentations:


2)       Experience the Experience: An interactive professional development experience in San Ignacio, Belize – June 17th-June 23rd

a.       Description:

                                                               i.      An immersion experience to engaged in focused professional development on how to lead global immersion experiences with your program while ON AN IMMERISON PROGRAM!

b.       Cost (includes all in-country costs):

                                                               i.      Two options:

1.       Conference Only: $1500

2.       Conference AND Immersion: $2000

c.       Other Notes:

                                                               i.      Early registration deadline: February 15th

                                                             ii.      Limited to 24 participants

                                                            iii.      Will work with options for graduate credit for professional development experience (or CEUs)




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