Registration is now open for you to register your team for the Dairy CDE online on the Ag Ed website.

This year CDE will be a little different (see the email from Mr. lastly) with the Management Exam and Senior Team Activity done on Friday afternoon in the Chambliss Building on the ABAC Campus. Registration will start at 5 pm with the Exams starting at 5:30.

Saturday morning will begin with you taking your teams to the Dairy at 7:30 and instruction will be given and the judging of the classes.

After judging the Students will be bused back to the Yow building for reasons.

If you have a bus and don't mind bringing students back to the ABAC campus please let me know.

Seniors will judge 4 classes, have a management exam, team activity and 2 sets of reasons.

Juniors will judge 4 classes, have a management exam and give 1 set of reasons.

I have attached the rules and a copy of the scantron to this email.

Tommy Waldrop
Area Animal Science Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
office 229.386.3196