Information on the Team Activity:

Stated in the Georgia FFA CDE Guidelines:

E. Team Activity (50 points) 1. Team will complete 10 multiple choice questions on a dairy farm management scenario. (See National FFA for example scenario). Participants will have 30 minutes to complete the team activity. 2. The Scenario will be based on topics available to the team competing at the National Contest. Example: State Contest held December 2015, National Contest held October 2016, topics will be for the 2016 year Genetics/Reproduction for both contests. 

Stated in the National FFA CDE Guidelines:

The scenario will be based on the following rotating topic areas:
• 2017: Feeds/Nutrition

The dairy farm management scenario will be on Feeds and Nutrition for the Georgia FFA State Dairy Evaluation CDE.

To prepare for the team activity:

1.  Refer to Chapter 41 - Feeding Dairy Cattle from the Modern Livestock and Poultry Production Book - 8th Edition
2.  Do Not Memorize the chapter!
3.  The questions will not be "exam type" for knowledge of the chapter.
4.  Any questions appearing as "exam type" will be a general knowledge question that everyone should be aware of that also fit in with the dairy farm management scenario.
5.  The questions will be answered using reading comprehension and use of simple math.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.

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