Fellow Ag Teachers,

Many of you will be providing a great opportunity for students in the first round of State FFA CDE’s coming up this Friday and Saturday. As you may already know, there are some slight changes to the State CDE Days this year. Please take time to read the below email from Mr. lastly and look over the attachments. We are very excited about the award presentations that will take place this year. I hope you will include this activity in your plans on Saturday. Regardless of the results, this award ceremony will provide a great opportunity to encourage all students to continue to improve and set future goals. Please plan to attend with your students.


As always, Your efforts for student success are greatly appreciated. I am witness to the positive difference you are making for your students. Keep up the great work.


John (Chip) Bridges

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Subject: State CDEs at ABAC - December 2-3


Ag Teachers,

The Area qualifiers have been held, and now we know who is moving on for state competition in the Environmental/Natural Resources, Farm Business Management, Floral Design, FFA Quiz, Job Interview, & Tractor Operations CDEs, and who has registered to compete in the state Dairy Evaluation CDE. The state competition for these CDEs will be held at ABAC on December 2-3. As you make plans to bring your students to Tifton for our first on-campus state CDE day, please pay attention to the following reminders. I realize that this is a lot of information, but please take time to review it, along with the attached files.

An agenda for the ABAC CDEs is attached to this email. This agenda was first shared on October 31. The agenda has not changed. This is simply a reminder. Please review the agenda closely, as some of our CDEs have altered their schedule from previous years at ABAC. There are some portions of some CDEs taking place on Friday evening, so please look closely!  If you have teams/students who have qualified for state competition in an of these CDEs, you have, or will very soon, received an email from the CDE superintendent with specific information about that CDE (location, times, event procedures, etc…) An exciting change that we are making to this year’s agenda is the 2:30 p.m. award assembly (more information below). Please be sure, as you make your travel plans, that you plan to attend the award assembly.

Award Assembly
As mentioned above, this year each on-campus state CDE day will end with an award assembly. That assembly is when results will be shared with students and teachers. Event superintendents will not be releasing or sharing any CDE results prior to the award assembly. We will give each campus host the opportunity to address our students, then each CDE superintendent will announce their results. As motivation to hang around, not only will teams/students have their names called, they will receive awards. This year banners have been created for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each CDE. The banners commemorate, not only the placing and event, but also the campus where the award was earned. A proof of the banners is attached for you to review. In addition to the banners, each individual on the top 3 teams and the top 3 scoring individuals will receive a medal commemorating their CDE and the campus where the event was held. This award program should be an exciting way to end a great day spent on the campus of our partner colleges/universities. I sincerely hope that your chapter will plan to stay and be part of the excitement.

Replacing Students
We have created a master list of student names and membership numbers for all teams/students who qualified through Area competition. Each CDE superintendent will have their list at their respective registration site. If you have a CDE team that will need to replace a team member for state competition, please be aware of a couple of items. First, our state guidelines clearly state that a minimum of 50% plus 1 of the qualifying team must be present to compete at state for the team to be eligible to compete. Replacing students in individual events (Floral Design, Job Interview, Quiz, etc…) is not permitted. Secondly, in order to be prepared to finalize all results on site and give awards, we will confirm membership on site. Membership has been confirmed on all students who went through Area qualifiers. However, any replacement students will be identified at registration, and we will confirm their membership on site. Please do your part by double and triple checking that each student has been submitted for FFA membership. Step one is to put them on your enrollment form, but you must see a “YES” in the FFA Submitted Column beside that student’s name in order for the process to be complete. As you double and triple check your roster, a wise recommendation might be to go ahead and jot down membership numbers for each student and bring them with you.  I realize that if a student was added to the roster for the first time this year they may not yet have their membership number. That is okay, as long as the student has a “YES” in the FFA submitted column and their dues have been paid.

Lodging Arrangements
Now that you know who (and how many) has qualified for the state CDE and the event schedule, I encourage you to go ahead and book hotel lodging in Tifton if you will need it. While I am not aware of any other large event going on that weekend, Tifton is right on the interstate, so hotels can fill up quickly. Please make plans so that your teams/students are adequately prepared.

There will not be breakfast or lunch served as part of our event, but there are several options in Tifton (near ABAC) to feed your students. Additionally, most CDEs should have a schedule that will allow you to get lunch for your students prior to the 2:30 p.m. award assembly on Saturday.

There is a large open parking lot near the AgScience and YOW buildings that is available for FFA use on Friday evening and Saturday. You should have no problem finding room to park cars, trucks, vans or a school bus. No ABAC parking permit is necessary for that weekend.

Finally, I encourage you to read the information sent to you by the CDE Superintendent(s), read the rules, review the agenda and go over all of these things with your students. If you have any questions at all, please let us know.

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving, and I cannot wait to see you in Tifton on December 2-3.

Ben Lastly
Executive Secretary
Georgia FFA Association
316 Poultry Science – UGA
Athens, GA 30602
Office Phone: (706) 552-4456
Mobile Phone: (706) 410-4604
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