The much awaited for Spring Plant Order form is finally here!!!

This year's selection is HUGE! We have nearly 3x the options. I've also
been told if there's something you want that's not on the list, please
don't hesitate to request it. We can very likely fulfill your request. I
know for some of you, the list is going to appear overwhelming. Don't
stress. All of the standard plants are still there.

A couple of important items to note:

1. There is a 4 tray minimum order for each vendor (Knox and James). If you
want fewer than four trays, you need to work with another school to combine
your order.

2. There are a couple of new exciting options in the seed and vegetative
plug sections. I've highlighted these sections pink. Fuseables and Kwick
Kombos are combo plugs that include a preselected variety of plants
intended for hanging baskets or planters. Pricing may appear a little high,
but you will only need to place 2 plugs per 10" basket, or 3 plugs per 12"
basket. I think this is a great option.

3. For submitting your orders. You can only type in the yellow cells.
Please select the ship date you prefer at the top of the form (either
February 6th or 27th). You do not need to put zeros (0) in the cells for
items you do not want.

4. ALL ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 11/30. Our broker is working with us on
this date because they were so late in getting the order form to us, but
there is no wiggle room for accepting late orders. Payment is not expected
until February and invoices will be sent out once all orders are confirmed
by the vendors.

5. To submit your order form, please use the save as function in Excel, and
for the file name, replace North Region with your school name. For example,
Mr. Daniel at Dawson County would name his order Dawson County High Spring
2017 Order Form.

Josh Allen
North Region Ag Education
204 Four Towers
Athens, GA 30602
706-552-4466 office
706-202-0770 cell