Georgia Horse Judging Clinic Schedule 12/10/16
*Please be here before 1pm so that we can start on time. Please do not arrive before 12pm.

1:00pm- Welcome and Intro to Halter 
1:10pm- Performance Halter Mares 
1:25pm- Judges reasons for Performance Halter Mares
1:35pm- Performance Halter Geldings
1:50pm- Judges reasons for Performance Halter Geldings
2:00pm- Intro to Reining
2:15pm- Reining
2:35pm- Judges Reasons for Reining and Intro to Western Pleasure
2:45pm- Short 10 min break ( Bring your own Snack)
2:55pm-   Western Pleasure
3:10pm- Judges Reasons for WP and Intro to Hunter Under Saddle
3:20pm- Hunter Under Saddle
3:30pm- Judges reasons to HUS 
3:40pm- Conclusion/ Questions/etc. Thanks for coming!

Kent Benson
Georgia Agricultural Education
North Region Animal Science Area Teacher
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